Neck cooling belt: keep your neck fresh and comfortable

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Suitable for summer outdoors, such as running, camping and working outdoors

This neck cooling band eliminates the unbearable caloric dilemma, because it sits comfortably and securely on your neck and gives you energy immediately to dissipate the oppressive heat. No cooling accessories required, the device can cool down quickly, easily and naturally! Just wear it around your neck and you can warm it up.

Easy to use

Simply spray or soak in water, press the neck and say goodbye to the heat. Wide range of uses - can be used at work, during sports, during outdoor activities, while driving, etc. Say goodbye to the heat and enjoy your summer with the neck cooling belt


  • Use natural cooling technology to lower the temperature and keep your neck fresh and comfortable.
  • Made of good quality, very durable; smooth and comfortable to wear.
  • Light weight, easy to carry, very suitable for summer outdoors, such as running, camping, working outdoors, etc.
  • Fits most people's neck size. It can be used by both adults and children.


    • Material: Abs
    • Size: 31.5 * 21.2 * 5.8 cm

    Processing Time: 2 to 5 days

    Delivery Time: 3 to 4 Weeks