Knee support pads: prevention of knee damage

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Knee support pad supports your thighs and calves and reduces pressure on your knees!

It supports your two legs and gives you the opportunity to carry heavy objects more easily than before. Great for people who train, workers who crouch all day, deliverers who carry packages every day, or even hikers who go up and down the mountains.

Start healing and accelerate recovery

Feels light so you can raise each knee slightly while doing your activities. Compression knee bandage of all dimensions to give you maximum support for all areas that need more attention, relieves pain caused by arthritis, meniscal tears, tendinitis, arthrosis, chondromalacia, prevents overstretching, etc.; Knee supports provide support for the kneecap with Compression for Pain Relief Help and Injury Recovery.

Strong lifting power

The power knee stabilizers withstand a weight of approx. 20 kg each. It is effective to reduce about 40 kg of a person's own weight. It is a groundbreaking product that allows you to slightly raise your knee when you bend both legs or squat.


Ideal for various sports such as mountaineering, cycling, golf, badminton, training and more.

Working buddy

These powerful knee pads support thighs and calves and can therefore be used in any workplace.

High quality

Robust, light aluminum alloy body with strong elasticity of the specially manufactured spring. Up to 36 kg more knee stretch, easy length control with Velcro, can be worn on the inside or outside of the clothing.

Breathable mesh

It is comfortable, whether wrapped directly around the knees or over the pants.


  • Work where you often have to bend your knees or carry heavy loads, e.g. gardening, furniture transport, etc.
  • Team sports like basketball, netball and soccer
  • Physical activities such as fitness training, snowboarding, skiing, training and workouts
  • Less strenuous activities such as hiking and walking
  • Health problems such as patellar tendinitis and patellar subluxation
  • The knees of the runners (chondromalacia)


  • Color: Black
  • Material: carbon plate
  • Weight: 800G / pair
  • Package: 1 * a pair of knee support pads 

Processing Time: 3 to 5 days

Delivery Time: 3 to 4 weeks