Hip Trainer: Maintain a Young and Dynamic Body

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Exclusive fitness machine to reshape your pelvic floor and glutes!

There are many fitness machines for building your glutes, but not for the pelvic floor that needs to be maintained. Hip Trainer is specially studied to remedy this lack. Trainer De Hanche is for women who want to maintain a young and dynamic body. After a pregnancy in particular, but also quite simply with age, the body needs to be maintained and muscular. Hip Trainer is also for women who have problems with urinary leakage. It allows them to regain absolute control of their bladder and their pelvic floor.

Quick results

Hip Coach gives results very quickly. You only need to train for ten minutes a day to see the first results. The device is very small, you can take it with you if you go on vacation not to miss your workouts. Hip Trainer has been designed to care for and maintain all parts around the pelvis.


  • Strengthening the hips
  • Butt muscles
  • Give back a beautiful curve to the buttocks
  • Strengthen the hold of the bladder
  • Restore control of the pelvic floor by building muscle
  • Preventing urinary leakage
  • Work the inner thigh muscles
  • Hip trainer remuscle after pregnancy

The package includes

  • 1 * Hip trainer