Duster action: electric dust duster with electrostatic fibers catch the dirt

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50% time savings with Duster Action!

If the classic dusters spread the dust more and more and it sticks to the surfaces with spray, you can not get into narrow gaps with the vacuum cleaner, then Duster-Action is on the spot and removes the dust quickly and reliably and ... everywhere. Clear the stage for the NEW electric duster made of electrostatic fibers.

Less effort, more comfort

Muscle pain after climbing actions and with stretching and stretching while dusting in the far corners! No more sweating to polish every object! No more breaking objects with an awkward gesture. No more wasted time! Because now you can simply let the automatic duster Duster-Action with its electrostatic fibers do this work.

Electrostatic fibers catch the dirt

Why use conventional household helpers, the results of which do not show the effort that goes into it. With the conventional dust cloths or microfiber cloths, the dust is distributed even more in the house than removed. Don't run after him! Thanks to its electrostatic effect, Dust Duster Action virtually attracts the dust and does not distribute it even more.

Rotation system of 360 ° for a maximum result

Duster-Action uses a sophisticated rotation system that works with batteries to remove dust 100% quickly and gently. Turn it on and it will take care of everything! In a single pass you are rid of the finest dust particles that have built up over time.

For all surfaces and objects .. Even the most fragile

With its long and gentle animal hair bristles, Duster-Action guarantees zero scratches. Crystal vase, porcelain knick-knacks, hi-fi devices and computers, wood, glass, plastic ... Don't worry! You can use it even on the most sensitive surfaces. Also included: a mini attachment and an 18 cm attachment to get to unreachable places (furniture surfaces, ceiling ...) or to corners and angles that are difficult to reach.

Plus points:

  • Electric feather duster
  • Electrostatic fibers Fast and easy to use
  • Dust removal: 100%
  • No scratches thanks to its long and soft bristles
  • For all surfaces in the house: TV cabinet, cupboard, table, leather sofa.
  • inexpensive


  • Battery: 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • On / off switch
  • Kit: 1 duster action + 1 mini attachment - 1 18 cm long attachment
  • Easy to clean with water 



Processing Time: 3 to 5 days
Delivery Time: 3 to 4 weeks