Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner: Multi-angle Rotation For Cleaning

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Now wash the inside of the glass at the same time as the outside in a single pass!

Tired of twisting your neck every time you want to clean your windows on both sides? Is the exterior always stuck? With this ingenious magnetic window cleaner your windows will be like new. A revolutionary cleaning system. Its powerful internal magnets hold the two squeegees through the glass, so when you move the squeegee to one side, the other follows. Clearly, you can now wash the inside of the glass at the same time as the outside in a single pass. An extremely simple but terribly effective idea.

4 choices of glazing thickness

The inaccessible magnetic exterior window cleaning squeegee is your new essential cleaning utensil! Have you always struggled to properly clean both sides of your windows? Is the exterior of the house still a little dirty? Do not do the acrobat anymore and do not twist your neck! Never again this concern with the magnetic window cleaner. Choose your magnetic magnetic window cleaner depending on the thickness of your glazing. 4 choices of glazing thickness

Integrated water storage sponge

  • No need to add water repeatedly. Multi-angle rotation for deep cleaning without leaving dirt.
  • Abs plastic, robust and resistant to wear; high quality permanent magnet device, strong adsorption force does not decrease.
  • Double-sided magnetic window cleaners clean windows quickly and efficiently, and clean and dry both sides of the window.
  • The triangular design reduces resistance to friction; the double-sided glass cleaning tool cleans one side of the glass and keeps both sides clean.


  • Material: plastic + rubber + magnet
  • Item size: 16 * 12.5 * 4.6cm
  • Application range: 3-8mm, 5-12mm, 15-24mm, 20-30mm glass
  • Main color: green, blue, red, olive color

The package includes

  • 1 x Double-sided magnetic window cleaner

Processing Time: 3 to 5 days
Delivery Time: 12 to 15 Days