Breastfeeding and pregnancy pillows: perfect for reading, breastfeeding or watching TV

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Special pillow for a very special time!

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are probably the most exciting parts of life. It is a time full of anticipation, intimate moments, love and tenderness. The breastfeeding and pregnancy pillow is your wonderful companion for this special phase of life - and far beyond. With the popular breastfeeding and pregnancy pillow you can enjoy better sleep during pregnancy, more relaxed breastfeeding and relaxing moments in the often exhausting baby time while reading, cuddling or watching TV

Pregnancy pillow for full body support

Being an (expected) mother can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be a good night's sleep. Our U-shape full body pillow ensures that you get the rest you need to get the energy you need for a # 1 mother.

Our pregnancy pillow aligns the neck, head, hips and back and eliminates the need for multiple pillows. The unique design followed the natural shape of a pregnant mother with an oversized U-shaped design that is long enough to expand and support both sides of the body.

Care pillow for after pregnancy

In addition, you can use it as a nursing pillow after pregnancy. It is designed for optimal support, whether you are sleeping, breastfeeding or just looking for a breather.

Versatile and relaxing body pillow

Not only do you enjoy the most comfortable deep sleep at night, but you also create a comfortable position for reading, watching TV, etc. The super comfortable body pillow supports the head, back, stomach, sides, knees, hips and feet.

Arthritis and pain relief

Ideal for patients with sciatica, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. This therapeutic pillow has been used to effectively relieve joint pain, swollen legs and back pain. Not only that, it also prevents malpositions, hypertension syndrome and liver suppression. 360 ° full body support for a deep, restful sleep.


  • Large U-shaped pillow long enough to hold your whole body
  • Lie comfortably and say goodbye to restless nights - neck, shoulders, back and hips are always comfortably aligned
  • Filled with a premium filler called Fusion Foss - a revolutionary synthetic material known as an expanded polymer that allows air to circulate freely
  • Never flat, lumpy or uncomfortable


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