Stainless Purple Dragon Gold Dog Scissors with Straight Thinning Shears

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Name: Professional Pets Scissors

Size: 8.0 Inch ( About 22.5cm )

Material: Japan Stainless

Hardness: 62HRC

Package List:

Type1: 1Set Pets Shears ( 1Pcs Cutting+1Pcs Thinning+1Pcs Curved Scissors+1Bag )

Type2: 1Pcs 8.0 Inch Cutting Shears

Type3: 1Pcs 8.0 Inch Cutting Shears Add Bag

Type4: 1Pcs 7.5 Inch Thinning Shears

Type5: 1Pcs 7.5 Inch Thinning Shears Add Bag

Type6: 1Pcs 8.0 Inch Curved Scissors

Type7: 1Pcs 8.0 Inch Curved Scissors Add Bag

Type8: 1Pcs Steel Comb

Delivery Time: 7 to 14 days